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Choke Chamber - On the Job Conflict

Choke Chamber - On the Job Conflict
CEO of Blue Water Canyon has determined to promote one of his top executives to Elderly VP. Presently, he has 2 very qualified, enormously ambitious, lady contenders, both identically decided to land the job. Unluckily, there is only one pose open. The CEO determines to let the 2 gifted hopefuls determine themselves. British and Victoria clearly disagree on who should get the job. The 2 struggle for the part… literally! British turns down to let the busty, brown-haired sweetie take what’s due to her. She takes the only weapon in the office she can find (a phone cable) wraps it around her competition’s neck, and gasps her to death. The bombshell struggles, and fights, only to lose to a agonizing demise at the end. Upon completing Vicky, British all of a sudden panics, after she realizes she has just committed murder. Lil' does she realize, she meets the same end…this time, in the palms of the CEO himself. The manager was satisfied with Brit’s determination, but sadly, her guilt at the end showcased weakness. On to the next potential.

Choke Chamber - On the Job Conflict
Choke Chamber - On the Job Conflict

Runtime : 15min 4s
File Size : 447 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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