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Choke Chamber-My two dead girls

Choke Chamber-My two dead girls
Jimmy thought he had it all. He had a beautiful loyal girlfriend, and a gorgeous, trusting wife at his beck and call. Unfortunately, such good luck is temporary. After a passionate night of lovemaking with his 19 year old sweetie on the side, in barges the wife with more than just a displeased demeanor. Pretty Asian Mrs. starts screaming, and yelling at her cheating husband, all the while ignoring his attempts at consoling her. She notices he isn't wearing his wedding ring, so she demands that he find it and wear it. He leaves the room to search for the missing jewelry. Angry and insulted, sultry wife attacks the brunette girlfriend, and begins to choke her. They fight for a while, but the wife's fury is unmatched! Very soon, the wife locks the girl in deadly choke-hold until she loses consciousness and dies. Little did the wife realize that her husband's loyalty toward his mistress was stronger than his affections toward her. After seeing his young beauty lifeless, he becomes enraged, and grabs his wife by the throat and starts to choke her! She pleads for her life, but he hears nothing. Very soon. she dies. Upon her death, the happy husband indulges in the two dead beauties, and strips and plays with them both.

Choke Chamber-My two dead girls
Choke Chamber-My two dead girls

Runtime : 12min 39s
File Size : 273 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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