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Choke Chamber-Home Invasion

Choke Chamber-Home Invasion
fter the assassination of his brothers, Sledge decides to avenge their deaths by taking out the hired hand who killed them. After learning that the person who murdered his family is the most highly skilled female assassin in the country, he knew that the element of surprise would be his strongest advantage. Alas, he enters the residence of the spy. From across the room, he sees his target. a beautiful, busty, Asian vixen. Yoshi, the sultry killer is primping, and trying on different dresses, while wearing a dangerously sexy black one-piece lingerie teddy. As if it wasn't sexy enough, her outfit is further enhanced by a wickedly erotic pair of knee high black boots. She's dressed to kill. Without further hesitation, Sledge charges toward the beauty, points his silencer toward her, and aims toward her head. Yoshi turns around, and faces her assassin. She smiles and teases him a little. "Aw, you're gonna do me like that?" she says with a smirk. Sledge tells her he's there to avenge his brothers' deaths. Immediately, Yoshi smacks the gun from his hand, hits him right on the neck, forcing him on the ground. She walks toward him, and steps on his chest with her high heels. She pulls him up, and wraps her long, silky legs around his neck, placing him in a tight choke hold. "Don't you know I'm the best there is? How dare you try and kill me?" She says. The trapped Sledge then pulls a knife from his shoe, and stabs Yoshi in the hip. He is immediately released, giving him the chance to grab his gun, and shoot the asian goddess 3 times on the chest. He hits her directly on the nipples, and the stomach. Then to finish her off, he shoots her again, penetrating her navel. She falls to the floor, writhing in agonizing pain. The wounds are too great to recover from. Very soon, the gorgeous Yoshi expires. Justice is served.

Choke Chamber-Home Invasion
Choke Chamber-Home Invasion
Choke Chamber-Home Invasion

Runtime : 8min 55s
File Size : 242 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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