Choke Chamber-Tormented Twins

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Sexy Randy Moore debuts in this erotic, horror, video as a gorgeous duo, and portrays a set of beautiful blonde twins. Rachel calls her sister Tiffany and informs her of an audition for a modeling job requiring twins. Since the gig paid $500 for an easy couple of hours of work, the two jump at the opportunity. The two blonde beauties get dressed, and coordinate to meet at the place holding casting. What was meant to be just another day in the life of an aspiring model, turns out to be a cold, bloody, fatal end. Rachel arrives first, and is met with a heavy blow to the head, knocking her unconscious. The attacker, grabs her sleeping body, and takes her inside the building, where he strips her down to her panties, and ties her to a door. She awakens to find her attacker, taunting and teasing her half-naked, with a sharp, kitchen knife. He slides the blade up and down her body, and around her breasts, delivering fear and distress. Turns out, the attacker was a disgruntled fan, and plotted the whole capture from the beginning. Alas, he slides the blade over her naked navel. Without further delay, he stabs the blonde beauty in the stomach, right over her navel, driving a horrible tinge of pain all over her body. She gasps in horror. He stabs her repeatedly, and then jabs the knife deep into her beautiful breasts. As Rachel expires, sister number two arrives at the premises. She walks in the building, calling out for her sister. After a few steps inside the property, she is mortified to see her sister, naked, dead, and bloody, hanging on a door. Her heart sinks at the sight. Moments later, she realizes she may be next. She immediately runs to the door, only to find it locked. She tries to find a alternate exit, when suddenly, the killer rushes toward her, and jams the knife deep inside her navel. She gasps in utter pain. He stabs her repeatedly, on the stomach, and on the breasts. She bleeds all over her sexy, pink dress, and falls to the floor. He stabs her some more, and then leaves the blade deep inside her belly. Alas, Tiffany expires as well. The killer drags her by the legs to the other room, and hangs her by the neck over another door. The jilted lover has exacted his revenge.

Choke Chamber-Tormented Twins
Choke Chamber-Tormented Twins

Runtime : 15min 44s
File Size : 392 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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Category: Necro Porn
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