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Peachy Keen Films-The Corpse Of Carter Cruz

Peachy Keen Films-The Corpse Of Carter Cruz
Starring Carter Cruz, Miles and Alexander
Directed By JohnM

Miles is hard at work in the morgue when his boss, Carter comes in.

She starts bitching at him like always, but Miles can't take it anymore, he starts to yell back, and in a blind rage, attacks her.

He wraps his hands around her neck and pushes her toward the counter, then grabs some embalming tubing and wraps it around her neck and strangles her.

Later, her body ends up in the morgue she use to run. Alexander, another morgue tech starts to examine his bosses dead body.

He starts by relieving rigor, then strips her clothes off of her. He attaches a toe tag and begins taking finger prints, mouth and pussy swabs, and examining the tongue. He takes her temperature, then gets ready to clean the body for the autopsy.

After the autopsy, Miles wanders in to find his prize. He picks up his dead naked boss and carries her to the counter where he starts licking her dead pussy, then he slides his cock into her and necro fucks her until he cums, then puts her back on the table.

Alexander comes in later and continues prepping the body. He glues her eyes, mouth, ass and pussy shut, then inserts the embalming tube and starts pumping the formaldehyde into her, while massaging the body.

Peachy Keen Films-The Corpse Of Carter Cruz
Peachy Keen Films-The Corpse Of Carter Cruz
Peachy Keen Films-The Corpse Of Carter Cruz

Runtime : 30min 44s
File Size : 1.95 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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