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Choke Chamber-Spyware

Choke Chamber-Spyware
Wealthy corporate tycoon Todd Shaw is impatient to take his beautiful, Playboy model wifey out on their honeymoon. The jaw-dropping strawberry ash-blonde is just as exhilarated, and utterly accommodating when it comes to accepting her husband’s highly generous gifts. Spouse detects a naughty lil' secret about his not -so-trustworthy wifey after installing some spyware in her cellphone. The bodacious ultra-cutie has taken on a fresh enjoy, and has secretly been having an illicit affair with a person named “Chris.” Eager to get to the bottom of it, he tries to catch his scheming wifey redhanded. Much to his surprise, the hotwife playmate is also another woman! The mere indignity of it all leaves Todd blindfolded with wrath. He doesn’t’ take his rage easily. Instantly he confronts his wifey, and sans any hesitation, crushes the lounging mega-bitch in the face. She’s knocked out unconscious. Then, he lunges in the direction of Erika’s paramour Chris, a lady, and gasps her until madly. Only by finishing her highly existence, by gasping her until her last dying breath will he take any convenience. Upon the lover’s demise, he carries the 2 figures onto the sofa, and throttles his wifey next. She fights, but her struggle is worthless. After a duo of failed tries at escape, Erika expires. He disrobes her to the naked, then lays the 2 cold, spectacular corpses to lay next to each other.

Choke Chamber-Spyware
Choke Chamber-Spyware

Runtime : 12min 28s
File Size : 378 MB
Resolution : 720x576

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Choke_Chamber-Spyware.wmv - 378.5 MB

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