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ChokeChamber-Holiday Horror

ChokeChamber-Holiday Horror
Chokechamber’s newest addition to the family is gorgeous, leggy, blonde, Gisele Bundchen look-alike “Miranda Nicole. Aside from being beautiful, this stunner can deliver a chilling choke death that’ll leave you begging for more! In this clip, Miranda and her Hubby Jake, two busy, successful entrepreneurs decide to rekindle their dwindling marital fire, by taking a much needed California vacation. Very early on in the scene, it becomes quite apparent that their marriage is rocky. After they unpack, and settle in their weekend holiday getaway spot, despite being in a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking an amazing view, they realize that romance is not in the air. Hubby Jake discovers a nasty little secret about his 5’9 wife. The curvy beauty has taken on a new love, and secretly hates her husband with a passion. The mere humiliation of it all leaves Jake blinded with fury. He drinks the pain away, but decides it isn’t enough. Only by ending her very existence, by choking her until her last dying breath will provide any sort of solace. Jake sneaks up behind the blonde vixen, and wraps her silky pantyhose around her neck tightly. She struggles, but her fight is futile. After a couple of failed attempts at escape, Miranda expires. He strips her to the bare, then carries her off to dispose of her body.

ChokeChamber-Holiday Horror
ChokeChamber-Holiday Horror

Runtime : 18min 58s
File Size : 587 MB
Resolution : 720x576

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Choke_Chamber-Holiday_Horror.wmv - 586.9 MB

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