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Necro Porn | 5-02-2015, 09:36  

ChokeChamber-HAMMER TIME

ChokeChamber-HAMMER TIME
Splendid, long legged Playboy towheaded Miranda starlets in this softcore segment as the cold, mean employer who rejects to compensate her hard-working contractor for all the work he’s done on her mansion. Making complaints that she’s stressed, and inconvenienced by his noisy strike, she orders him to leave sans pay. He begs for paycheck on behalf of his staff. Unwilling to compromise, she begins to toss a mettle tantrum, and all of a sudden commences shoving, and bellowing at the disgruntled contractor. He ambles away, but determines to pay the mega-slut an sudden visit, afterward that afternoon when she’s least hoping, to instruct her a lesson she won’t shortly leave behind. Out to collect what’s his, he sneaks in, and attacks her from behind. He tightens a cable garrote with his mitts then seizes her by the neck, wringing her neck with the string. He gasps her. She fights, crushes and screams but her struggle is powerless. She controls a makeshift escape. He runs after her and raises her by the hatch, forcing her to strangle in the air, soles crushing frantically. He spurts her and concludes her off with a cock-squeezing smother by the cable. Upon her demise, he hoists the slim hotty, and carries her to the bed to do wit her as he satiates. Now that she’s dead, he resumes to disrobing her until she is downright stark nude. Once he’s had his pack, he leaves her nude, manipulated assets on the sofa. That should instruct her to pay her debts on time!
ChokeChamber-HAMMER TIME
ChokeChamber-HAMMER TIME

Runtime : 13min 10s
File Size : 407 MB
Resolution : 720x576

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