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Peachy Keen Films-Twisted Who Fucks Who

Peachy Keen Films-Twisted  Who Fucks Who
Alisha try's to leap Peppers bones. She takes pics & Pepper gets ahold of them & tries to blackmail Alisha. Alisha hires Rock to grab Pepper, truss her for Alicia's retribution & ultimately kill & dispose of the figure. When Pepper flashes up to get paid there is a surprise waiting for her. Rock. He HOM strangles Pepper to K/O. It takes awhile but she does go out. They chaine her up & take her to a isolated location to be tantalized & killed. Pepper attempts to escapee but is grasped & corded to a post. She is hit in the tummy, tazered, fingerblasted & coerced to ejaculation before being compelled to slurp cunt. Then Alisha gets out a strapon & gags Pepper's mouth with her fake penis. Alisha back forearms Pepper knocking her to the mattresses where she will be banged by force. Her hair is pulled & arse smacked while she is being humped. Alisha senses as tho she has doe enough & calles in Rock to smother the lil hoe. Rock throttles the poop outa Pepper. She writhes & dollars attempting to get her handcuffed palms liberate wile being smothered. Once dead Rock carries Peppers dead figure off to burry.

Alisha thinks she is cleaver. She tells Rock that she is only going to pay 1/2. Rock accepts the $ & crushes Alisha in the gut & face nocking her down to the mattress. She is unclothed, handcuffed, ball-gagged with weenie & pounded by force. Then she is smothered. She dies

Peachy Keen Films-Twisted  Who Fucks Who
Peachy Keen Films-Twisted  Who Fucks Who
Peachy Keen Films-Twisted  Who Fucks Who

Runtime : 59min 45s
File Size : 2.72 GB
Resolution : 960x540

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