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Peachy Keen Films-Strangling

Peachy Keen Films-Strangling
It's a strangling in it's purist shape. A female, shown, out of breath, funked, only for a moment, then she is knocked out. She wakes up, trussed to the X, incapable to get away. There is a wire around her next. The uber-sexy shadowed and holds the wire.
She prays momentarily before it is tightened, then she cannot breath. She fights against her restraints. Her flawless, smoothed skinned bod bending and stroking. Her face contorts, her tongue shoves out. The light reflects off her flesh, the peach fizz glazing her jaw-dropping assets obviously evident as she struggles for air. Then, the strap is extracted and she chokes for air. Her assets heaving, her belly and torso rising and falling as she takes in the precious air.
Then, she remembers....someone is there, with the cable and she attempts to watch him, to pray. But the moment is over, and the cable becomes cock-squeezing again. This time, for the last time. She struggles, firmer then before if that was possible. It was the struggle of her elevate as the string creased into her neck, embedded in her skin, suffocating, strngling her. She used every muscle, no matter how smallish or where it was to attempt to escape.
But, there would be no escape. And for minutes she fights. Rising, falling, flailing, wanking, pulling, heaving, bucking, and ultimately, dying. In the last moments, her bod tenses, muscles yanking, glance of ultimate dread in her eyes. There was no acceptance. She did not want to died, not even at the moment it was unavoidable and she was funked, and she died, looking scared--mouth open, eyes gazing. The string went slack, but there would never be any more movability from her.

Peachy Keen Films-Strangling
Peachy Keen Films-Strangling

Runtime : 11min 35s
File Size : 542 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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