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Peachy Keen Films-Pepper's Passion

Peachy Keen Films-Pepper's Passion
When Pepper's spouse told her his wish, she was highly revved on. And, after he left, she toyed with herself, thinking about it. Thinking about one afternoon, he coming home early, disguised as a thief, and smothering her, then nailing her dead assets. She was humid thinking about it.
Afterward that afternoon, while she was reading, a stranger entered her room. She eyed him and got up, ambling to him playfully. She enticed him to do whatever he wished. The spectacular shoved her back on the couch then straddled her, caressing her youthful puffy tits. Pepper was chortling, loving the roleplay. After a moment, the sumptuous got behind her and put a leather garrote around her neck. He pulled it taut, but not to cock-squeezing at first-ever. Pepper was in heaven and she couldn't wait for when she was supposed to have fun dead do he could boink her assets.
But, then things switched. The garrote got taut. When she commenced to respond, it got real taut. Too taut. She struggled and fought, but he was not letting up. Her entire assets struggled for air, twisting and bucking until after a lengthy fight, she loosened with her eyes flipped back--dead. The luxurious, overheated, got out from under Pepper's corpse and promptly took off his clothes to reveil HE was a SHE. And, SHE was wearing a strap dildo. She used her chisel to have fun with Pepper's throat. Then she glided it in, drilling the dead lady's hatch.
When she was pleased, she shoved Pepper's gams apart and glided her pecker into her cock-squeezing gash and plumbed her. She humped her for a while, then rolled her over and plowed her from the rear fashion. Afterwards, after flopping her into a fresh posture, she pretended to complete on the dead chicks bod. Sated, she called up Pepper's hubby, her paramour and told her the deed was done. Then she left Pepper dead and opened up on the bed.

Peachy Keen Films-Pepper's Passion
Peachy Keen Films-Pepper's Passion
Peachy Keen Films-Pepper's Passion

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