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Peachy Keen Films-Nurses Play to Death

Peachy Keen Films-Nurses Play to Death
A uber-sexy nurse and her acquaintance are at the polyclinic late at night frolicking in one of the non-used apartments. First-ever, Pepper is hooked up to the monitor and Trixie experiments with vibration including providing Pepper mighty oral until her heartbeat is racing.
Then, it is Trixie's turn. Pepper softly works her way down Trixie's figure, then heads to town, kneading her cootchie and bringing her to an climax. The monitor is beeping like nasty, but slows down when she stops and Trixie is catching her breath. Pepper enjoys a compete and wants to get her heart racing even more, so heads down on her for a 2nd time. The monitor is going ultra-kinky, then Trixie heads into cardiac arrest and flatlines.
Pepper is just her roomy and only just embarking nursing college. She has no idea what to do. She attempts CPR and torso compressions. She uses the defibrillator on her, but it is no use.
Eventually, after attempting for a while, she gives up. She opens her buddies eyes, letting her gawp dead. She determines the defibrillator must be defective and on impulse attempts it on herself. It shocks her--stopping her heart. She falls on Trixies body--dead.
Peachy Keen Films-Nurses Play to Death
Peachy Keen Films-Nurses Play to Death

Runtime : 25min 1s
File Size : 1.39 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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