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Peachy Keen Films-Knew Her Killer

Peachy Keen Films-Knew Her Killer
A youthfull gal is attacked by a hooded stranger. She struggles rigid as they grapple on the sofa. He gets her bathrobe truss around her neck and she fights for her life. After a few minuted, she cracks free, tumbling off the couch. She pulls the mask of her attacker uncovering him to be her ex-lover. He lunges, pulling her back on the couch. More fighting as he gets the garrote around her neck. For a moment, they are intwined, looking at each other as he smothers her and she gazes back in disbelief and funk. Then, he heads in for the kills and for a few minutes, she wriggles and dollars, attempting so firm to preserve her youthful life.
After a lengthy while, she increases in size weaker. Her toes delve into the fabric of the bedding, her thighs withe in the air, shutter, and fall back down. Her muscles lock, her eyes flip back. Her bod contorts, spreads, eases, locks up again. Slower and slower she becomes until eventually she is still. He looks at her in repose, then continues to fondle her one last time. He runs his mitts over her mild flesh, hoists up her limbs, then lets them glob in a heep. Still, he luved her, but could never forgive her for leaving him. She had to die.
He had plastic with him. Opening up it out on the bed--then he spinned her figure onto it--wrapping her up. She looked so calm now. He loved her that way. He dragged the plastic encased figure away.
Peachy Keen Films-Knew Her Killer
Peachy Keen Films-Knew Her Killer
Peachy Keen Films-Knew Her Killer

Runtime : 16min 11s
File Size : 1.28 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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