Peachy Keen Films-Cassidy Smith in the Morgue

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Cassidy was murdered 12 days after her eighteenth bday. She was found in the fetal stance, on the floor of her room. The CSI took pictures, spinned her, took more pictures and otherwise processed the vignette before loading her into a bodybag for transport to the morgue. The morgue apartment was cold, 52º. This was to help preserve the bod. 14 hours after finding her murdered, she was in the morgue along with a 2nd corpse from an unrelated death.
The morgue tech was brief passed, but today, she would have the crime cameraman from the sheriffs department taking pics. She would have him help her for the first-ever part of the preliminary check-up. The camerist was a peculiar stud. Highly garrulous, she would afterward note on the watch stand. He asked a plenty of of questions pertaining to the bevy of evidence.
Otherwise, the figure of youthfull Cassidy was processed in the usual mannor. Clothes were cut off, the figure was tested, flipped, explored more. She was swabbed and hair combed for fibers. After the camerist left, she completed with scratching her smashes, then washing her. The tech toweled her dry, frosted her, then left.
Four hour afterward, the cameraman came back. His purpose was 2 part. Since he now knew that all the evidence has been collected and tagged, any fresh evidence he left would be neglected. So, he planned to have his way with the girl---a chick that he himself murdered not 28 hours earlier in her room under the guise that he was an art cameraman. Smothering her to death gave him the rush of his life, but smashing her lifeless assets was the ultimate purpose. Looking around the apartment, he noticed a bonus. A 2nd lady, not lengthy death and he assumed she had been processed as well.
He other aim was to retrieve the camera he left. It contained tender pics from the original image shoot that must deleted, then the camera would be replace--only with the pics he took in the morgue.
But first-ever, he would have his joy. He unsheathed her. She was adorable, youthful, jaw-dropping. He ran his arms up her assets before determining to wedge his sausage into her hatch. After romping her hatch for a while, he moved over to the other gal. She was a suicide from a day before and still highly new and cute. He boned her supreme and firm for a while.
He moved back to Cassidy. She was his reward. Coming in her was slow at first-ever. She was cherry cock-squeezing. But, once it, he humped her slow and deep until he was prepped. He pulled out, splashing on her venus mound.

He gathered his camera, certain that he will never be found out and looking forth to the next naive lady to anser his ad.

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"Free" my ass motherfuckers! you need a fucking Premium Account to get the videos!

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