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Peachy Keen Films-Summer Day

Peachy Keen Films-Summer Day
Starring Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani
A crime has been committed. A murder in the forest. Several victims.
How did this summer day end so tragically.
Alex was impressed with himself. There he sat with 4 girls ogling him. He would get laid--he knew it.
But then, two guys showed up. He tried to talk to them, get them to leave his action. That is when he was shot, and his story ends.
The men had the four girls where they wanted them. In the middle of nowhere on a warm summer day. Bad things were going to happen.
The leader, the mouthy one, ordered the girls around. He made Monicka suck his cock and later had Juliette join in. The other guy, he was quiet...just took orders. Greg. Ashley and Leilani worked on him.
The girls figured it was all they wanted. Was it?
The sexual assault went on. The girls, sobbing, doing the best they could.
It was when Leilani ran off that things got ugly. She would be the first. When Greg brought her back, the garrote was quickly around her supple neck and she was murdered right there in front of the others. Their friend. Killed.
Now, they really started to panic. But, before anything, Monicka was next, standing up, she was strangled to death, then laid down by her friend.
Two girls left and it was not a moment before Ashley was being murdered. She fought--they all tried. But, in the end, she succumb to the lack of air. Dead.
One left.
She was the talker but did not do so good talking her way out of death. A garrote around her neck, struggle and death. Death to all the girls.
Now, what to do.
Simple. Fuck the corpses. Each took a girl and it ended in release and satisfaction.
A job well done on this hot summer day.
They left, leaving behind 5 bodies in the woods.
Peachy Keen Films-Summer Day
Peachy Keen Films-Summer Day
Peachy Keen Films-Summer Day

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