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Peachy Keen Films-Pink Ribbon

Peachy Keen Films-Pink Ribbon
Starring Kay
Directed By John Marshall

On the surface, they looked like a happy couple. But something was wrong. He had never been able to do more---then just kiss her. Yet, she was staying in his home. He was frustrated.

She was hiding something.

And....in a moment of guilt, she confessed to him that she was several months pregnant and that she was only with him because she was looking for someone to be there for her.

As she told him this, she pulled out a pink ribbon that was tied in her hair. She held it in her lap, next to her belly bump.

He grabbed it in a fury, quickly wrapping it around her neck and strangling the teenage mom.

She was dead. He looked at her, then in a moment of panic, picks her up, carrying her around the room, then trying to hid her under the end table and blanket. He runs out.

But, 2 hours later he returns. She still waits for him. He wants her badly. He must have her....he has been waiting so long and now, now he can have her any why he wants.

He plays with her a bit before pulling her out, lifting her up to the couch and slowly stripping her. He is engrossed in her beautiful body---in death, he is only more attracted to her. Once she is naked, he kisses and tastes her.

Finally, he is ready, and lets him throbbing cock slide into her awaiting pussy. She is tight, feels so good. He almost came right there, but holds back and keep going. He fucks her there for a bit, the lifts her to the floor and fucks her some more in a few different positions.

He lifts her back up to the couch and fucks her more until he finally cums on her beautiful belly.

Exhausted he leaves to go figure out what to do with this dead, pregnant teenage girl.

Peachy Keen Films-Pink Ribbon
Peachy Keen Films-Pink Ribbon
Peachy Keen Films-Pink Ribbon

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