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Peachy Keen Films - Morgueophilia

Peachy Keen Films - Morgueophilia
Starring Kay, AJ & Grant

Kay had been a nurse for 8 months. It was her life's dream to be a nurse. Her bad luck, gang war erupts in the ER. A stray to the head & this young beauties life is over.

Grant knew Kay from her very first work. Now to have to preform the autopsy.... It's hard, very hard.

AJ is a promising young intern. Just trying his best. But.... He has urges.... Necro urges......

Note: This may very well be the best morgue/necro film I have produced to date. The camera work is steady, timed well & flowing. Grant does his great technically correct morgue. Add Some of the best rolls & body flops I have ever scene from a model. Great Necro sex. But the cu da gra is the necro BJ. If this was on a VHS tape I'm sure you would break it rewinding. THE BEST NECRO BJ EVER!!!
Peachy Keen Films - Morgueophilia
Peachy Keen Films - Morgueophilia
Peachy Keen Films - Morgueophilia

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#1 wrote: Shit (26 November 2014 18:48)
This shit is not free, you can't see the video and you can't download it because you need a premium membership.
#2 wrote: Ayzpin (25 December 2014 10:09)
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