Peachy Keen Films-Kill to join 2

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Heather, Leilani, Monicka, Juliette Black, Trixie Gunns, Ashley Rose, Brittany Hart, Brandy Alexander, Sasha

Several young adults are invited to a special meeting where they find out they must fight to the death to be the sole survivor and enter a special coven.

This is the sequel to the very popular "Kill to Join". It is twice as long with more and extended death scenes. If you like this, be sure to check out the original playing at the "More PKF Store" using the link at the top page.

Gaining admittance to this exclusive, private club is only by invitation. And, once you are invited, and show up at the disclosed location, the application process starts. They do no know whats going to happen, only that they are waiting in anticipation for there hosts to arrive.

The applicants are all young adults from various walks of life. From the collage coed to the collage nerd. From the book store cutie to the coffee house alternative girl. They are sitting--waiting--wondering.

The council arrives. A male and two women. The man tells them they are very special, and about to be tested.

The first test is now.

A young woman is brought in. She is bound and gaged--very scared.

The man explains that she was picked up this morning outside the local pancake house--a waitress, sad, innocent and scared.

He challenges one of the group to kill her. He holds a gun on them all--ensuring no one leaves.

Brittany is the first to volunteer. She is ruthless, grabbing a garrote and strangling the poor waitress to death. In the end, she laughs and want more. The waitresses body is removed.

Now, Brittany chooses Leilani--who take a big puff of her inhaler--she is so scared. But Brittany has no mercy and attacks and strangles Leilani to death.

She is cocky after this kill, ready for more. But, one council, Esmerelda, has different plans for her. She quickly wraps a garrote around Brittany, watching her struggle like a fish out of water until she stops moving.

Bodies are removed.

A council member is now forced to volunteer. Sasha can't understand why. But, before she can lodge a complaint, Juliette pounces on her, knocking her down. They struggle, but she gets her into a choke hold, then wraps the garrote around her neck and takes her out.

Next, Juliette is attacked by the lone man in the crowd, she quickly turns the tables on him after a short strangle. Only a few seconds of this scene is shown. For the full 14+ minute scene, check out the movie posted before this on.

Now Juliette take care of the sobbing Ashley who does not want to kill anyone. They fight and struggle, but it is only a matter of time. Juliette wins.

And, it goes the same for Monicka and Brandy.

Juliette wins.

Now, the room is full of bodies and Juliette sits on the couch, wondering about her fate. She is excited, a little scared. Mostly she wonders why the guy she killed earlier is alive and well in front of him. She thinks he must be a really good actor.

He explains to her that it was not an act.

It was her audition.

Then, as he attacks her, the true nature of this coven is revealed of only for a short moment. In the morning--Juliette will no longer care.

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