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Necro Porn | 16-12-2015, 09:34  

Peachy Keen Films-Hillbilly Hospitality

Peachy Keen Films-Hillbilly Hospitality
The girls are out on a raft trip with just the girls. Girls day out. They pull over on a lonely beach area to tan their boobies. Little did they know they were in red neck country.

The red necks are strange folk. They enjoy capturing girls & raping, strangling, necro fucking their faces & pussies. Just another day in the woods.

This groupe of girls are one HELL of a score. Big boobies, fit tight bodys & all exotic an stuss. They sure do make it easy to pick em off. One by one the girls go to pee & get captured. Once captured they are hung up by their arms.

All now in the position of the red necks, one by one they are taken down, raped, strangled, necro fucked & disposed of in a body pile of death.

Peachy Keen Films-Hillbilly Hospitality
Peachy Keen Films-Hillbilly Hospitality
Peachy Keen Films-Hillbilly Hospitality

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#1 wrote: Steffi (25 December 2014 14:01)
Hi, Jessica. I'm sorry. At this point I only have one (possibly two of a few) copies of the books myslef. The publisher didn't reissue more of the books after the first bind-up. You can find all the books in the Fingerprints series (that was the original name of the series) as ebooks. I've also found them from used booksellers. When I was writing Book 7, the publisher hadn't decided whether or not to continue the series. When I was working on the revision, I found out that 7 would be the last. I'd say all the big threads are wrapped up in 7, although there were some doors still open for more stories (which, alas, were not to be!) Hope this helps.Melinda
#2 wrote: jhlipton (14 September 2016 23:04)
I have wanted this movie FOREVER! Thanks for uploading!

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