Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Exam

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Starring Ivy and Tegan

Tegan was in for a check up. This was not her regular nurse--but she looked familiar, and awfully young. But, she needed to get this for her senior year records. The nurse was a bitch and Tegan was slowly getting frustrated with her. In fact, she was being a little fresh. At one point, she made her pull down her nylons and panties and put her finger up her pussy. She was about to complain, but all she had to do was get her shot and she would be done.

The nurse, with an evil grin, gave it too her. Only, something was wrong. Tegan suddenly felt hot, then fell back on the exam table in spasms. She was out of control. The nurse just smiled, then, as Tegan was dying--foaming at the mouth--explained why she was doing this to her. After it was over, Tegan was dead. The nurse--not really a nurse, but a school rival bitch that wanted to get rid of cutie Tegan so she could get her man--went to work on her. First, exploring her, using a steth on her breasts and pussy, then stripping her top off. She then bit and tore into her panty hose, to gain access to her sweet young pussy. She licked and fingered her.

Then, she picked her up and carried her into the next room. She finished stripping Tegan, then crawled up on her and stripped her own clothes off. She then fondled, licked and kissed her. She 69'd the dead girl, and eventually scissored her---rubbing her pussy against the dead girls. Later, she went back to licking Tegan's pussy, but was interrupted by a janitor, who quickly snapped her neck.

Now, two dead girls, no one around, time for him to have some fun.

Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Exam

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