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Peachy Keen Films - Detention

Peachy Keen Films - Detention
Starring Kay

Kay and AJ are stuck in detention. They hate each other and the teacher watching them is a jerk.

He gets a call and they are left alone.

AJ teases Kay incessantly but, finally realizes she will have nothing to do with him.

Later, he is sitting up at the teachers desk and discovers he keeps a gun in his drawer. He fantasizes about shooting Kay.

Emboldened, he makes a move on Kay and she slaps him across the face then starts to leave. He grabs the gun, pumping two slugs in her back. She falls to the floor.

Unbelieving, she asked to be taked to the hospital. Instead, he gets her up on the desk, the forces her to rub herself through her see through pantyhose.

She keeps trying to convince him to get her help while she tried to what he says. He starts rubbing her clit through her pantyhose and has her take out his cock and jerk it.

Then, he shoots her in the belly. He lays her back on the table. She is in pain. He shoves his cock in her mouth, forcing her to give him oral under threat of more holes put in her.

Then, he shoots her two more times in the lower belly. She pees herself.

He slaps his engorged cock on her nipples, then pinches her nipples, then shoots her in the left breast.

As she is dying, he uses her hand to jerk his cock. Then, realizing detention is almost over, shoots her three more times, in the belly, chest and right breast. She is dead, but slightly twitching.

He slips his cock into her warm mouth. He fucks her mouth for a while until he cums--leaving her mouth full and her mouth glistening with his juice.

He gets his things and leaves.

Later, the teacher sits at his desk admiring the present left for him.

He ponders what to do next.
Peachy Keen Films - Detention Peachy Keen Films - Detention Peachy Keen Films - Detention

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