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Peachy Keen Films - Dead Doll Reporter

Peachy Keen Films - Dead Doll Reporter
A soopy reporter is investigating a series of presumed murders where young women dissaprear, but there frozen facial expressions end up on a website called "Funny Faces".

There she meets the hotel owner who invites her to breakfast in the morning. He gives her his special grape juice and after a drink, she is dead, but posable, in a doll-like state.

He gets to work by playing with his new acquisition. He spend a lot of time slowly checking her out, posing her body and face and various ways, and undressing her.

Later, he has sex with her, then takes photos for his website.

He wraps her up and hauls her off for the preserving process so he can enjoy her in the future.

Peachy Keen Films - Dead Doll Reporter Peachy Keen Films - Dead Doll Reporter Peachy Keen Films - Dead Doll Reporter

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