Peachy Keen Films-Dangerous Game 1

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Starring Kay and Tessa


NOTE: This starts out as a hot, sexy Knife Fun with several lengthy, erotic fighting scenes and some lesbian play--until the end, then it turns on....
Kay and Tessa are prep school girls. One of their classes is theater and they have been leaning stage combate using practice knives. Kay confesses to Tessa, she has a dream that they were in a real arena match, pitted against each other until the death. She was wet just thinking about it. Tessa, who secretly is a lesbian and likes Kay, suggests they get the play knives and fool around.

What follows is several mock battles between the girls. Sometimes Kay wins, sometimes Tessa wins. As the battles progress, the sexual teasing increases and clothing is removes. But, eventually, they decide to on a game changer. They take out real knives--promising to be careful and stop before anything happens. But, on the last fight, something primal emerges in Tessa and she plunges the knife toward Kay's breast. Kay can barely hold her off. Realizing that Tessa is actually planning to stab her, Kay, in a moment of adrenaline, rolls Tessa off, mounts her, and has the knife hovering dangerously close to Tessa's breast.

But, she stops.
Suddenly, as Tessa is finally getting what she wanted all a long, a sharp pain pierces her belly. Kay has stabbed her. She has really stabbed her. Tessa rolls off, dazed, looking up as Kay stands leans over her--bloody knife in hand. "Why..." Tessa asks.
"Because, I like to WIN!!!" Kay replies. She plunges the knife into Tessa's heart. Tessa arches her head back, then lets out a soft breath and dies.
Kay stands over her prey. She is the victor and now, she will enjoy the spoils.
Peachy Keen Films-Dangerous Game 1

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