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Necro Porn | 21-10-2016, 14:38  

Peachy Keen Films - Asian Wall Meat

Peachy Keen Films - Asian Wall Meat
Leilani is broke. She ends up in MaX's office trying to become a porn star. MaX gives her his usual "interview" (wink wink). Everything is going swimmingly when Leilani has second thoughts.

MaX gets gets wood.... MaX gona nut!!! No matter if this broad is having second thoughts or not.

When Leilani says she thinks she is being ***** & that she is going to call the cops.... Time to die! And what better way to kill a tiny Asian. Turn her into wall meat!

Once she is dead it's time for MaX to nut. Nice Necro handjob & Necro Bj does the trick. Blam! cum all over those perfect boobs. Then it's off to the crawl space for Leilani. Might pull her out in a couple days to have some fun with her dead body..... But thats another story.
Peachy Keen Films - Asian Wall Meat
Peachy Keen Films - Asian Wall Meat
Peachy Keen Films - Asian Wall Meat

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