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Peachy Keen Films - The Creeping Pervert

Peachy Keen Films - The Creeping Pervert
Wonder Woman has just returned home from a night patrol, she undresses and puts on her work clothes for her day as her alter ego "Diana Prince". While away at work, The Creeping Pervert enters her house and sets up a secret camera and sneaks over to a bottle of water and opens it and poisons it, then sneaks off. Watching the video from his lair, he see's Wonder Woman arrive home from work and suit up in her superheroine costume and drink the poisoned water, she starts to feel dizzy and falls to the couch. The Creeping Pervert enters and tells her what he has done to her, he has put a paralyzing serum in her water and now he has a chance to play with her amazing body. He strips her, and then plays with her body, kissing her feet, then ties her Lasso Of Truth around each wrist and makes her a Superheroine Puppet. He moves her down to her knees and pulls out his cock and fucks her face, then lays her down on the couch and pounds her pussy till he cums inside of her, with her strength coming back she tries to escape, so he strangles her with her Lasso.

Peachy Keen Films - The Creeping Pervert
Peachy Keen Films - The Creeping Pervert
Peachy Keen Films - The Creeping Pervert

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