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Peachy Keen Films - Punished For Going Bare Foot

Peachy Keen Films - Punished For Going Bare Foot
Starring Tegan Mohr and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Natalie loves walking around bare footed, she hates shoes. On warm summer days she usually walks around all over town bare foot and loves to watch her feet get dirty throughout the day.

The only problem is that her work has a very serious rule about wearing shoes, but she just can't help it. She goes to work, bare footed as usual and goes to her desk and props her feet up. She looks at how filthy they are and laughs.

Her boss comes in and asks her why she is barefoot as they have a strict rule against it, she tells him that she couldn't help himself, so he is forced to take action. He gets the office's attention and tells Natalie that she has to tell everyone how much of a barefooted loser she is and makes her apologize. Everyone in the office laughs at her. Her boss asks her coworkers what should be done about this, and they say that she needs to be punished by going to jail.

Natalie doesn't want to go to jail, but she broke the rules, and accepts her punishment. He tells her to strip out of her clothes, then starts to measure her and frisk her, he inspects her whole body then takes her to the jail.

He has her shower, making sure that she cleans her filthy feet, then takes her to her cell.

After discussing the issue with the police and judge, it turns out that a harsher punishment is in order, and since he knows her best, he should do it. He goes into her cell and tells her that breaking office shoe rules has a much stricter penalty than he thought, and she has been sentenced to execution by strangling.

She doesn't want to die, but he gets behind her and wraps a garrote around her neck and strangles the little rule breaker till she is dead

Peachy Keen Films - Punished For Going Bare Foot
Peachy Keen Films - Punished For Going Bare Foot
Peachy Keen Films - Punished For Going Bare Foot
Peachy Keen Films - Punished For Going Bare Foot

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