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Starring Tegan Mohr
Directed By John Marshall

NOTE: This is the third of a new series from the author of great movies like, "Wendy's Boyfriend", "The Good Murders", "My Plan", and others. Check out this cinematic, intense, and brutal movie.

"This was early. I had a buzz cut that year. I think this was the first one I ever killed. Poor girl. Poor fucking stupid bitch"

I invited Sue over for some career help. I had lined her up a job with Marshall. I knew she had the right skills.

But, after she was here for a while, I decided she was not going to work out. And for all the time I spent over the last couple months listening too her stupid problems and being that "nice guy", I figured she owed me.

After chloroforming her, I raped the bitch. She was streamy and whiny, but wet for me and that is all that mattered.

When it was over, I really was going to let her go. It seemed she and I were on the same page over the situation...about what just happened and her paying those dues she owed me.

But something changed in just a split moment---I can't place it exactly, but as I retied her arms behind her back I thought---I am going to kill this girl. I did.

I must admit, I was unprepared on this first one. The level of intensity is not like the movies. She struggle hard, we both worked up a sweat, but when it was done, I was the only one that got up.

Sue....was dead.

I killed her. I did it.

It felt good. Really good. And I felt that all the time and effort I spent trying to help her paid off. And, in the end, I did help her.

And, she helped me to. It was that very night I started my diary.

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Yusuf 25 December 2014 17:12
it happened reltnecy.A retired agent mentioned not long ago that if we wrote a professional query to go along with a polished manuscript, we were already far ahead in the game. I thought it might be an exaggeration, but perhaps not."Telling an agent during your conference pitch session that the agent will be sorry that he or she didn't allow this writer to pitch his idea for a novel. (Mind you not a novel that this person has written but an IDEA for a novel)."Did you ask why?"A writer sending a note with their submission saying that they thought they should just send along, not what the agent asked for, but chapters 8 and 9 because that's where the story really picks up."*Does a little happy dance.*Sorry, that just tickles me.
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