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Peachy Keen Films - Good Time Killer 2

Peachy Keen Films - Good Time Killer 2
Starring Allie James and Alisha

Two girls are getting ready to go out--trying on sexy lingerie. A stalker, who has been watching them, bursts in and torments them. He forces them to perform sexual acts with each other and on him. Later, he takes them to his hideout and hangs one girl while the other watches. Then, he suffocates the remaining girl with a plastic bag. Afterwards, he gets head and fucks both bodies.

Note: Lots and lots of content here. The fist part is all forced sex, then the second part for all the peril and death. Allie does a FANTASTIC job on the hanging and really pees at the end. Alisha is great and both make wonderful corpses.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Forced Lesbian, Pussying Licking, Blowjobs, R A P E, Knockout, Kidnap, Begging, Crying, Whining, Hanging, Bladdar Release, Bagging, Necro BJ's and Necro Sex, Body Views.
Peachy Keen Films - Good Time Killer 2
Peachy Keen Films - Good Time Killer 2
Peachy Keen Films - Good Time Killer 2
Peachy Keen Films - Good Time Killer 2

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