Peachy Keen Films-Death Watch part 3

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Starring Solara

Note: As with the previous Death Watch's, a good part of this film is watching Solara as she goes through her last few hours before execution and seeing her emotional state change.

She sits in front warden. Prisoner number 175213. She had no name--not anymore.

The warden gave her new she did not wish to her and she was then, taken away--fighting mad.

Transferred to another prison, for execution by the electric chair, she was brought into her holding cell, forcibly stripped then searched.

Later, her last meal was brought in, but she knocked it across the room, threatened the guard and otherwise, raged against everything. She would not go down without a fight. What they were doing to her, was an injustice.

But time grew closes. The day turned into night and she was alone with the dark, cold sounds of the block.

The guards were back the next day, assaulting her, putting a plug up her ass--for what reason, she did not know and she fell back to her dirty mattress -tears running down her check for the first time since she had been incarcerated. The fools--the governer would intervene, she would have her reprieve and they would be punishes. She knew that to be true as she carefully slipped her death row pants back on.

She waited.

With only her thoughts, she drifted away from the tough girl, or the victim. Now, she was just thinking--about her life---what went wrong and what she was about to loose. She was so sad.

The time was here. They came in to take her. She tried to be strong--resistant as before. She did not want them to have it easy.

As they walked the block for the last time, the fear started to creap in. She must not break.

But, when they entered the execution chamber, the full force terror came rushing to her. Like so many before her, she realized this was it, and there was nothing before her--but....nothing. She broke.

They got her to the chair--she stood in front as they uncuffed her. A sniper from an observation room had her in his sights incase she waste to run. But, she would not run. The fear had her, and now, the life-sucking dread like a 1000lbs of weight.

Placing her in the chair, she sat, fear on her face, in her eyes, as they bucked and strapped her in. Soon, there were noises emitting from her--panic, fear, overwhelming dread. Let it be over.

But it was not over. There was procedure Add conducting gel to her head and leg. Finish strapping. Hood over her head so the witnesses would not be disturbed by her face. Finally, the rig was added---a metal/copper cap with two large conductors that would send amperage through her body and out the grounding strap on her leg.

The countdown. Her breathing. Tense. Then, the handle drops. She is being electrocuted But, something is wrong They cannot get the amperage enough to kill her on the first pull. So, they have to do it many times. Over and over until finally, with some blood leaking out her breasts and belly, she is dead.

They check her heart. Stopped. They clean her up for later viewing. They move her to the gurney. Later, with her hood off, she lay day, in the hall, waiting for the prison coroner to finish processing her for viewing by the witnesses.

Peachy Keen Films-Death Watch part 3

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