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Peachy Keen Films - Temptation to Kill

Peachy Keen Films - Temptation to Kill
Starring Joey

A Custom Production

This is an awesome performance of Joey which include many, many death sequences encompassing Shooting, and Stabbing. Many sub-fetish element including clothing, nylons masturbation, urination, boots, etc. Don't miss this great movie-like experience with tons of hot, sexy action!!!


Joey is a temp and starts her first day.

Her boss is obsessed with her and has a series of fantasies about killing her.

Monday he fantasizes that at gunpoint, he forces her to masturbate then shoots her in her breast while she does. He then finishes her with a head shot and uses her mouth for his pleasure.

Tuesday, he fantasizes that he catches her having phone sex with her boyfriend. He sneaks up behind her and stabs her in the breast. She falls to the floor and pees herself. Then, he fondles her, stabs her again and plays with her more as she dies. Finally, he stabs her directly in the pussy. He jerks off over her face, cumming all over her face and tits.

Wednesday, he fantasizes that she is giving him a private dance, then later he watches her masturbate in her bedroom, running herself through her pantyhose fabric. He chases her around, then shoots her in the back, then after she falls in agony to the bed, he shoots her in the breast. He plays with her as she anguishes in pain. Then he finishes her off with a chest shot. He fucks her mouth and comes inside. He leaves her dead, stripped on the bed, covered in cum and *****.

Thursday, she is in the office late at night. She is surprised by her boss, and she decided after deflecting his advances all week, she would give him some. When she returns from freshening up, he attacks her, her until she is dead. Then he fucks her dead body.

Suddenly, she is back to life and he has to her again. He leaves her dead on the chair, but then, she is alive again, and in frustration, he shoots her three times in the tits and chest. She is dead, ***** oozing out her mouth.

Then, he realizes that he was daydreaming again. He looked at her dead, ********* body before him from the real kill---then rolls her out of the office to place her in the incinerator.

Another temp--burned out.

Peachy Keen Films - Temptation to Kill
Peachy Keen Films - Temptation to Kill
Peachy Keen Films - Temptation to Kill

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#1 wrote: Curtisnup (30 September 2014 16:45)
Прошу прощения, что я Вас прерываю, но не могли бы Вы расписать немного подробнее.


путешествуем по миру

Конечно. И я с этим столкнулся. Давайте обсудим этот вопрос. Здесь или в PM.


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