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Necro Porn | 12-08-2014, 18:33  

Unknown Target Total

Unknown Target Total
Unknown Target Total Unknown Target Total Unknown Target Total

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#1 wrote: Dea (25 December 2014 12:30)
I also am an avid fan (I have all the Anna books, a couple of them sniged). However, I also felt a disappointment in 13-1/2. Not for the reason that it wasn't an Anna Pigeon book, but that it lacked (for me) that wonderful sense of place that I anticipate in your books, where I feel that I am right there. (I'm glad that I read Winter Study while in the midst of an Austin heat wave this summer; even then I felt like bundling up against the cold.) New Orleans is one of my favorite cities and I looked forward to the book taking me back there for a visit. I wanted the eerie sound of a lone saxophone echoing across Jackson Square, and the sounds and smells of the Mississippi River, all those evocations of the senses that define New Orleans. That's what I missed. You are so good at describing those things in your other books. I just missed so much of them being here in this book.

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