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On a dark, cold night in the dead of winter; on a quiet, empty street; in a dark house as the fog creeps by, five friends sit and watch a scary movie. Alone in the house they are having a slumber party. As they watch the movie a man peers in the back door. He's been watching them for some time now. As a sexual predator, he has fantasized about young women for years, but tonight would be the night he fulfills his fantasies. These girls are just perfect -- cute and innocent. That would surely satisfy his sexual lust. All he has to do was kill one and have his way with her... then his fantasy-turned-reality would be complete. With five girls to choose from, surely one would wander off and he would be able to silence her permanently.

He quickly picks the lock and is in. Crawling on the floor he got his first close look at the girls... all of them were hot. Just as he was thinking about which one he hoped he would have, one of the girls got up to change into something warmer. He quickly hid as she passed by. She was the one -- the one that he definitely wanted for sure. He watched her go into the bedroom and followed right after. He attacked her right away. At first his grip was weak. He had been practicing for months, but the real thing was a bit different. She fought hard and made a lot of noise. He tried to shush her, but that, of course, did not work, no doubt because of the painful grip of his had around her neck. He squeezed harder and harder until she was quieter, then simply worked on maintaining the pressure while protecting his junk from getting clipped by her swinging arms and kicking legs. That would sure put a damper on the evening. He kept at it, excited as he watched her spasm and jiggle, her leg muscles tense, her brow was furrowed, eyes and mouth wide. She was a good fighter, but he was exceedingly strong. There was no way was she going to escape. Sure enough, after a while, her eyes told the tale of her losing battle. She was very weak and he watched as the life left her and she was still. He was very hard and knew it was time to finish it so that he could get out of this place, but then he though he heard a noise. Concentration lost, he quickly pulled her body off the bed and covered it up with clothing and blankets before running upstairs to hide.

Not a moment later, a second girl appeared before him at the top of the stairs. Without even thinking, he tackled her to the floor. They struggled and fought as he got a grip on her neck to cut off any screaming. As he shifted her into a better position, he looked down at her and thought, This is definitely the one, not the the other one. She was perfect, the one he had been waiting for all along. He shushed her as well, while clamping down on her neck. Like the first girl, she also was quite a fighter. His hand was not even sore and the feeling of her flesh and muscle as he gripped it was incredible. He tightened even more and watched her twitch and buck. Her eyes and mouth wide, her legs and bare feet digging into the carpet, trying to get leverage. As she weakened, he again watched her eyes as the fight left them.

When she was dead, he picked her up, tossed her over his shoulder and carried her down the stairs. He flopped her onto the bed, stripped her and is about to... damn, again, he is interrupted right before he can do his business. Fuck. He just can't catch a break. He goes out to see what is going on. It must have been the girls just talking while watching the movie. He decided to go downstairs and wait for a while. He is over the second girl already.

Fortunately, another girl left the movie and happened to go downstairs to check on her laundry. He attacked her right away, tossing her up on the washer and dryer. Her feet banged and kicked. It's a wonder that the other two girls didn't hear -- but they did not. He does not fuck around with this one. She hardly had a chance. At first the struggle is vigorous, but she quickly weakened, jerked mildly, and then she is dead. He flopped her over his back and carried her out. He dropped her onto the bed next to the second girl and stripped and fondled her before deciding to do a little more fishing and leaves the room.

As he runs up the stairs, the fourth girl turns the corner and also heads up the stairs, just missing him. She calls for the others and he does his best impression of a girl. It works. He draws her into the room where he is hiding and attacks. This girl is a spunky little fighter. He quickly gets her into a good position and works hard to kill her. The faster she is dead, the faster he can fuck her and get out of this place. She fights for some time, but like the others, eventually weakens and finally is still. He strips her, fondling her body an sucking her tits. Again, something makes him lose his concentration. He picks her up, slings her over his shoulder and carries her downstairs. He flops her with the other girls on the bed.

By now, the last girl has gotten up and is looking for the others. When she opens the door, he is hiding behind it. Seeing her friends dead on the bed, she screams and runs, but he is right after her. He tackles her in the living room --t he movie still playing. They struggle and he gets his death grip on her. It takes a while -- she bucks and kicks her legs, mouth wide open, tongue lashing out for air -- but, ultimately, she goes out the same way as her four friends, fading away, dead eyes staring. He strips her off, the picks her up, slings her over his shoulders and carries her off. In the bedroom, he flops her on top of the other girls and gets to business. He quickly starts doing her and moments later orgasms. Finally doing what he came to do. He lays with the four girls -- two on each side. He likes even numbers. The fifth girl still lays dead on the floor next to them.

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