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Peachy Keen Film-Raped & Strangled

Peachy Keen Film-Raped & Strangled
Starring: Savannah
This video features: strangle_garrote feet forced_sex catch_release necro_play

Savannah sits alone in her house. The phone rings. It's her friend, telling her to watch the news. A killer is on the loose in her neighborhood. She locks her doors and windows while her friends waits on the line, but when she picks up the phone, no one is there. Then the first attack happens. He was hiding behind the couch and looped the garrote around her neck. She fought hard, trying her best to push at the attackers wrists, but it was no use and she eventually passed out.

He takes his sweet time, knowing he has time on his side. He slowly explores the beautiful woman, fondling her breasts, pulling her bikini bottoms to the side to peak at the treasure underneath. Then he moves slowly down her legs and too her feet, take special time to feel and fondle them as perfect as they were.

When she wakes up, he is pointing a gun at her. He forces her to suck him off. She does so reluctantly. When she is done, he garrote strngled her again. Like before, she struggles hard, her whole body flipping about like crazy. Eventually, she passes out again. He removes her tops, admiring and fondling her large breasts. He removes her bottoms, tasting her sweet pussy. He plays with her whole body flopping her unconscious form about. Then he sets her up against the couch, wraps the garrote around her neck and waits for her to wake up again.

When she wakes up, he immediately strngled her again. She kicks and bucks wildly, but is noticeably weak going on her third time. When he tires of this, he lets her go-she flops weakly forward and he shoves her over and then crawls on top of her. Getting the garrote around her neck and sliding his cock into her tight pussy, he fucks her as he strngled her. She cannot resist and just takes it. As he slides in and out, her mouth open and closes until she is eventually still, eyes wide, tongue slightly out.

He slips out of her and g=flops her dead body around then gets her back up on the couch and fucks her some more. He set her up on his lap and lets her dead form ride his cock. When he tires of this, he lets her fall to the side.

Peachy Keen Film-Raped & Strangled Peachy Keen Film-Raped & Strangled
Peachy Keen Film-Raped & Strangled

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#1 wrote: NormanBus (26 July 2014 00:00)
Замечательно, это ценная информация


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#2 wrote: Rafaelbraf (26 July 2014 00:02)

#3 wrote: MathewKido (26 July 2014 00:05)
Эта весьма хорошая идея придется как раз кстати


Космические новости

#4 wrote: RichardTum (26 July 2014 00:08)
Я считаю, что Вы ошибаетесь. Могу отстоять свою позицию. Пишите мне в PM.

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#5 wrote: MichaelRex (26 July 2014 00:11)
Я конечно понимаю, что каждый хочет пофлудить!

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