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Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 4 -The mole

Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 4 -The mole
Starring Ava

Note: This is a fantastic follow up to the hit movies "Fuck Her Corpse 1, 2 and 3". If your a gore fan, you'll love this. If you like realistic shootings with great--GREAT special effects--you'll like it too. If your a postmortem/necro fan you'll love it--unless your NOT a gore fan. Did I mention, there was some gore?


A young, female, FBI agent has discovered a mole in the agency. Looking to impress her boss, she tells him she will know who the mole's identity is this very evening. The mole, surprises her at home, poisons her and when that does not work, violently shoots her. Afterwards he fucks her messy body both at the crime scene and later at the morgue.

The young agent has found the mole and will know his or her identity that evening. She tells her boss whom she hopes to impress. When she leaves, it is clear, he is worried.

Later, she is at her computer, crunching the data and waiting for the result to be confirmed by her contact. Someone is at the door. It is her boss and he brings wine to celebrate.

They sit and drink. She is a little nervous about why he would come to her home. The computer indicates the identity is in. She goes and looks and finds her bosses name. She slowly turns, standing up to confront him. But, she is met with a wave of nausa. She has been poisoned. She spits blood and falls to the floor. Still.

Her boss begins the clean up process, wiping fingerprints, looking through her purse, etc. She is not dead. She manages to crawl to her computer while he is distracted. All she has to do is send the file to her contact in the Senate and she will have won. And, she does.

As the computer confirms this, the boss turns, sees her, then spins around as she stands up facing away from him. He fires multiple times in her back, blowing out her front, blood splattering all over the terminal and desk with chunks of flesh. Massive amounts of blood pours out her belly. She turns around to face him, holding her intestines in---but one loop manages to dangle down in front of her.

She knows she is a goner. But, she knows she won and looks at him with a smile on her face. He quickly wipes the smile off her face by blowing more holes in her--one in her chest and one right in her nipple. She falls, dead, blood pooling around her.

He checks the file, realizes it has been sent. He kicks her dead body and yells at her corpse in frustration.

Later, it is all fixed. He made the right phone calls and now she was the mole and he was safe. All there was left to do was wait for the agents to clean up the mess. In the mean time, he decided since he fucked her once with his gun, he would like to fuck her again with his "other"gun.

Up on the desk he fucks her bloody dead corpse for a long time and in different ways. He takes a couple breaks to lick and play with her feet and fuck her mouth.

Later, at the morgue, he visits her cold, pasty-white body. She was clean, but her belly wound still had not been closed. No matter, he would fuck her again. First, he used her cold hand on his cock, quickly getting hard. Then he fucked her mouth for a good, long time until he was ready to fuck her.

He fucked her across the table for a while until he eventually blew his load inside her cold, dead corpse. He went to close her eyes, but they keep staying open. Frustrated, he left.

Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 4 -The mole
Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 4 -The mole
Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 4 -The mole

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