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Peachy Keen Film-Morgue Story 6

Peachy Keen Film-Morgue Story 6
Of all the nights to be a hooker, Christmas Eve was the worse and Melody had to work. This John was strange at best, but she rolled her eyes and tried to give him a good time. When she noticed he was taking pictures of her, she got mad, took his camera and threw it across the room. The John got angry with her. She was about to leave, but he reach up, and snapped her neck. She dropped like a sack of rocks. Dead. He rolled her up in his carpet to take to the forest and bury.

In the morgue, she was a dirty corpse. Dead for 34 hours, she was found by hikers when their dog started digging up some disturbed earth. She was covered with dirt, moss and leaves.

The morgue tech and assistant worked on her. They removed as much of the loose debris as they could, then cut off all her clothing.

They gave her a standard exam, checking the wounds, black-light swaps, fingerprints, etc. They sponged some of the dirt off her skin for better views of her bruising. The sat her up and rolled her over as well.

Later, the photographer came in. It was the John that killed her. Turns out, he works for the crime lab. He snaps photos as the morgue tech lifts her up and rolls her again.

Then, she is finished and leaves him alone with her body to finish up.

He takes a few more pictures, then takes some liberties with the body. He touches and rubs her. Then he pulls his cock out and fucks her mouth. Finally, he fucks her until he comes on her tummy. He cleans up his mess and leaves.

Later, the morgue tech comes back and tapes her up.

Peachy Keen Film-Morgue Story 6
Peachy Keen Film-Morgue Story 6
Peachy Keen Film-Morgue Story 6

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