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Peachy Keen Films-Girls Club

Peachy Keen Films-Girls Club
Three high school girls hang out together for an afternoon of gossip and sexual exploration. Suddenly two men burst into their apartment. The two psycho brothers take the girls hostage, two held at gunpoint on the couch, one dragged to the floor by the older brother -- gun pointing at her temple. The girl on the floor can't stop squealing, so the older brother puts a plastic bag over her head. She fights for her life, but the girls on the couch watch their friend as she slowly weakens and dies. Her body is dragged a few feet away and discarded. A rope is then brought out and the second girl on the couch, Karina, is unwillingly put in a noose. Using his own strength he pulls the rope, lifting her a few inches off the ground. She kicks wildly, trying to find footing, the noose, tight around her neck -- her air completely cut off. Her eyes bugging out, her mouth wide open and, tongue lashing for air, she fights for her young life. All the while her bagged friend, dead, looks on at her kicking feet. And on the couch her other friend, Logan, still in shock, watches as another friend is murdered in front of her in the most cruel, painful fashion. Karina weakens to the point where drool is running from her mouth. A few more jerks and twitches and she is still. He lets her fall roughly to the floor, drags her over, and lays her on the other dead girl. They grab Logan and put the noose on her neck. She has no time to fight before he lifts her off the ground. She fights and kicks for her life, but it is a struggle that is useless. Her mouth, wide open, and tongue protruding, she cannot breathe and slowly weakens. When she is finally dead, he lets her drop to the ground. The two brothers leave the room to discuss what to do with them as the camera pans the three corpses.

Peachy Keen Films-Girls Club
Peachy Keen Films-Girls Club
Peachy Keen Films-Girls Club

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#1 wrote: Malvin (25 December 2014 10:00)
Mark - This has been quite the journey but I am so proud of you that you went back to your tree stuck with what you wntead from the beginning and worked it through. I feel honored to call you my wife and I look forward to the years to come of all the new and creative ideas that you will come up with. It has been so fun to watch you grow with this whole picture thing and to see the pictures that you have come up with sometimes just blow me away. Love you tons and I will always be here supporting you and challenging you. Love you sunshine.

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