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Peachy Keen Films-Death is Comedy

Peachy Keen Films-Death is Comedy
Starring: Micah Moore Lydia Banks
This video features: strangle_garrote unconscious lesbian undressing carrying multigirl postmortem_sex

Have you ever wanted your favorite sitcom to have a fetish kill scene contained within as well as other things the network would never do. Introducing "Death is Comedy", a sitcom with sex, violence and death.
The Characters:
Micah The fun-loving college drop out turned hairdresser and party girl. She loves her cat, but is a bit of a slob. She's perky and fun, but the blond streak run deep.
Max Micah's new, obnoxious boyfriend. With a checkered past and a loud mouth, he is the life or death of any situational comedy.
Lydia She is conservative, quiet and just wants to live in piece and finish her doctorate. She sublets to Micah to help with the rent, but it is more work putting up with her crazy world and the mess it generates.
In this episode, Max and Micah are out and Lydia feels like a third wheel. Mostly, she just wants them to leave. As they discuss movies to watch, Micah gets a call that send her away fro a while leaving Lydia to babysit Max.
Soon, she has had enough and want him to leave. An argument end in Max knocking her unconscious. With a hot-looking girl and no one around, Max wastes no time undressing her. But, when is goes to fuck her, she wakes up.
Ever prepared, Max wraps a cord around her neck, her to dead. Now he carries her around the room looking for a place to hide the body before Micah gets back.
Too late. He stashes her quickly. Micah comes in and he makes fast conversation to distract her away from where Lydia is hidden. But, when Lydia gets stepped on, the jig is up.
But, Max spins a story anyhow and Micah believes it.
Thinking Lydia is just asleep and wants a lesbian encounter, Micah proceeds to do everything to her--no realizing she is dead.
Max lets them play a bit then returns and gets in on the action.
When they are done, Micah finally realizes Lydia has been dead the whole time. As she confronts Max, he wraps a towel around her neck, but soon is able to switch it for the garrote.
The go down the the floor in a wild struggle. Eventually, Max gets her under control and kills her.
Later, Micah is wrapped in plastic and Max is fucking Lydia's dead body. When he is done, he lays them together, but he is out of plastic, so he has to run to the store to get some more.

Peachy Keen Films-Death is Comedy
Peachy Keen Films-Death is Comedy

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