Peachy Keen Film-Target Eliminated

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She had been on the run for months. Her family murdered as well as anyone who ever tried to help her. Now, she thought she was safe. Playing student at a local university. The call came. It was him. It was a warning. It was time to run again. She tried to warn her innocent roommate, but without the knowledge of what she had been through, Amber just giggle--thought she was trippin' on molly or something. Brandy had no time to wait for her and no time to mourn.

The hallway was empty except for the sound of foot steps, and a distint metal noise that, had anyone been familiar--was the sound of an assault rifle being cocked.

The man entered the room, and blew apart the bedding that was once where Brandy lay. Amber reacted, but too late and ate lead, fell over dead on her bed. Poor Amber, nude, several small holes in her and she would never know the reason for her life cut short.

Brandy saw the SUV outside the dorm and decided to head to the cellar. It was a new building built on top of the old. The cellar was 60 year old, and the students would use it to get high. There was lots of places to hide, but it was her breathing that gave her away.

She backed away from the gun--light in her face. She was tearing, sweating. This was it. This is where they would silence the last person who knew. And, maybe that was ok. Once dead, her safety deposit box wold be found and the agency would pay for what they did. But that was in the future--after whatever would happen.

But she wanted to live. She reached out tentatively, touched him. He knew. He was not dumb. She figured it would stall and maybe, just maybe some poor student would come down here. But from the screams she heard earlier, she was not so sure there was anyone left to help her.

She pulled out his cock, put in in her mouth. It was something she was good at--something to take her mind off of it. He kept the gun leveled at her. But over time, as she sucked his cock, she could feel him relaxing. When it was over, she got up.

She hoped there would be more--sex maybe and more stalling. She could barely make out the sirens, but she was not sure. It was soo sound proof down here.

He had sex on his mind, but not the way she expected. The gun leveled at her and she backed away, thoughts running though her mind--what could she do, how could she stop this.

In the end, there was nothing. He fired a burst, caught her in the side. She spin around, surprised shooting pain, then was looking right at him as the second burst filled her belly and chest.

She was done. The image was fading fast as she slid down the wall and by the time she was on the floor, legs spread, she was no more.

The job was done, but he did not want to go just yet. The exit route was underground and he would blow the SUV once more people arrived. He had time.

He dragged her dead body across the floor, through down an old mattress, spread her legs wide and slid his cock into her already wet pussy. He liked that, knowing she was wet. He fucked her for a long time, feeling her warmth, her pussy hugging his cock. He rolled her and fucked her some more then after some time, rolled her back. He finally let himself go, filling her up inside. They would find his DNA for sure, but he did not even exist, so he did not care.

Cum oozed out her pussy as he grabbed this things and made his exit. His target was eliminated.

Peachy Keen Film-Target Eliminated
Peachy Keen Film-Target Eliminated

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