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Peachy Keen Film-Lingerie Models Massacre

Peachy Keen Film-Lingerie Models Massacre
The girls were hanging out in the party house waiting for the next photo gig. They were all dresses up in lingerie provided by ACME Lingerie. It was a sweet gig and they were milking it.

Suddenly, two men burst in from a rival modeling agency. They herd the girls out of the room.

Later, in an undisclosed location, still clad in their lingerie, the girls are forced to stand against a wall. The guy verbally test the girls and soon, one by one, they ask them to join thier agency. But it seems that joining, requires to bullets in the chest. One by one, the men choose a girl and both rapid fire into her bosom. The girls reacts violently and slides down the wall as the other watch in horror.

The mortally wounded then just suffer as the men choose another. This goes on until all 7 girls are filled with two holes each.

But that's not all. After admiring the suffering girls, the shoot each one in the chest again--killing them. Now, each girls is dead with 3 holes in her lovely body.

After a call to their employer, they are told to take some pictures. So, they go along and shoot each girl again as they take cell phone video of the event. Now each girl has for bullet holes and are very, very dead.

They spend some time with the girls, feeling their breasts through their lingerie and rubbing their pussies before leaving.

Later, all of them mysteriously have their panties pulled down to their knees for nice long view of the 7 dead bodies.

Peachy Keen Film-Lingerie Models Massacre
Peachy Keen Film-Lingerie Models Massacre
Peachy Keen Film-Lingerie Models Massacre

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