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Chris Corner-Sex and Murder League 1

Chris Corner-Sex and Murder League 1
In the Sex and Murder League, male and female assassins play a game of passion and death. They stalk one another with the goal of overpowering an opponent, and then murdering their adversary at the height of sex. The women, who go by the title "Queens", are just as deadly as their male counterparts, the "Knights". Each wears an ornamental dagger pendant, which they take from one another as trophies after a successful murder.

Grant is unaware that she is being pursued by a Queen and is fast asleep in his bed.

In the next room, the Queen approaches silently.

She enters his room, and soon holds a knife to his throat. She straddles him. Taunting him. She forces him to undress her, then rides his cock for her pleasure.

But, there is a moment of diversion, and the Knight gains the upper hand. He forced her to suck his cock--giving him pleasure.

Then, when he is behind her, fucking her---at the moment of his orgasm, he slits her throat.

Knight takes Queen.

He removes her necklace and places it around his neck like a trophy. He leaves her dead on his bed.
Chris Corner-Sex and Murder League 1
Chris Corner-Sex and Murder League 1
Chris Corner-Sex and Murder League 1

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