» » Peachy Keen Film-Bashed in Her Skull

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Peachy Keen Film-Bashed in Her Skull

Peachy Keen Film-Bashed in Her Skull
Solara was out on a blind date. They were alone, in the country and he was a creep When he tried to make the moves on her, she rejected him. So, he viciously attacked her, strangling her until he thought she was dead.

He rolled her over, pulled down her shorts and tried to fuck the teenager.

She woke up, freaking out, she tried to crawl away. He grabed a large rock, knocking her in the back of the head, she did a face plant to the ground. He rolled the dazed girl over. She saw the rock above her, raised her hands to protect herself, but it wasn't enough. He repeatedly hit her in the head. Over and over.

When it was over, her head was cracked open, and blood covered her face and the grass next to her. She was dead this time.

Now he could fuck her without interruption and he did.

When he was done, he strips the rest of her clothes off. Then, he poked at her body with the handle of his shovel. Then he set about digging her a grave.

Peachy Keen Film-Bashed in Her Skull
Peachy Keen Film-Bashed in Her Skull
Peachy Keen Film-Bashed in Her Skull

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