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Psycho-Thrillers - The Way I Am

Psycho-Thrillers - The Way I Am
Nikki plays a doctor who is trying to treat a patient by weaning them off prescription medications. The patient has developed a strong addiction and feels he cannot live with drugs in his system and he'll do anything to stay high. When Dr. Nunn refuses to prescribe further medications, he decides to pressure her. Already knowing where she lives, he invades her home and hides until she returns. He surprises her at knifepoint and rips her clothing apart. He terrorizes her and uses rape as a weapon to force her to get him more drugs but she refuses. Finally in the end, she tries to win him over with good intentions but fails miserably. Her patient takes it as a trick to trap him with law enforcement and strangles her for the third time, this one fatal. Dr. Nunn tries to fight for her life but cannot pose much of a threat with her hands tied behind her back. Dr. Nunn dies in a sweaty heap ion her couch and is subjected to another brutal grudge fuck for lying to him. He manages to find some meds in her bathroom cabinet which he uses to stay high until he can find another fix

Psycho-Thrillers - The Way I Am
Psycho-Thrillers - The Way I Am
Psycho-Thrillers - The Way I Am

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