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Psycho-Thrillers - Last Christmas

Psycho-Thrillers - Last Christmas
Download Psycho-Thrillers - Last Christmas Gracie plays the mistress of a man who wants to spend time with his family around Christmas. Her loneliness gets in the way and soon she makes unreasonable demands to see him, including threatening to reveal sex tapes and photos of them together to his wife if he does not see her. He reluctantly agrees and Gracie changes into sexy lingerie to prepare for him. He knocks on the door and kisses her deeply. His kiss turns into a choke and Gracie's eyes widen in shock. He forces her inside her apartment and forces her onto the bed where he chokes her into unconsciousness. He rises and closes the door, locking it so they won't be disturbed. He begins to play with her body, fondling it and enjoying her softness as he strips off her lingerie. He poses her in a doggie-style position so he can taste her vaginal juices. Suddenly she awakes and sends a gut-wrenching punch into his med-section. Gracie scrambles to her feet and races for the door and pulls but it is locked. She starts to cry out for help as Johnny races towards her. He grabs her from behind, a string of Christmas lights in one hand. He grabs her and forces the light wire around her throat then begins to pull her back away from the door. They stumble and crash to the floor, her on top of him. They scramble around with Gracie desperately looking for a way out but her fate is sealed. After over 5 minutes of struggling for dear life, her lover manages to pull it all out of her. Feeling raged and a sense of humor, he pulls in the lights and drapes the wire over her body, admiring the ambience of his creation. He then carries her into her living room where he poses her by the Christmas tree, a true and pretty present for death to cherish and to embrace.

Psycho-Thrillers - Last Christmas Psycho-Thrillers - Last Christmas Psycho-Thrillers - Last Christmas

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