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Psycho-Thrillers-Snuff 16-Raw Vengeance

Psycho-Thrillers-Snuff 16-Raw Vengeance
Brittney plays a co-owner of a sports bar who is kidnapped after confronting a drunken guy who refused to leave their bar former to closing. Unsuspecting that her pal and accomplice has already been killed, the killers scour the town until they meet Brittney. The episode picks up with Brittney being thrown into an empty apartment in an empty palace. Johnny, the inebriated youthfull stud at the bar, turns her over to a his acquaintance, a crazed stellar named Nick. What happens next is brutish and demeaning. Nick deeply rapes Brittney in a diversity of postures and compels her to gag as she is coerced to give him oral intercourse before she is coerced back on her knees to take his explosion. Once she is no longer of any use to him, nor is she entertaining, Nick determines her destiny and attacks her. Brittney thrashes and punches and gags as the nylon stockings step by step tightens around her jaws. The strangulation is lengthy and slow and Brittney is compelled to listen to Nick abjecting remarks as the life trickles from Brittney’s wondrous body.
Psycho-Thrillers-Snuff 16-Raw Vengeance
Psycho-Thrillers-Snuff 16-Raw Vengeance
Psycho-Thrillers-Snuff 16-Raw Vengeance

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