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Psycho-Thrillers-The Last Con

Psycho-Thrillers-The Last Con
Download Psycho-Thrillers - The Last ConDarcy Tyler is a grifter, a pro con-artist and a damn excellent one. She is an experienced in the art of manipulation and conning unsuspicious studs. The secret of her success is that impressive assets of hers. She can tempt any studs to do anything for her and in their moment of weakness, she hits. But even the finest grifter has an off day. And today was Darcy's off day. She step into the bar and instantaneously scours for a mark and than she catches sight of Jerk sitting alone at the bar nursing his swallow. She smirks, knowing he was the one. Darcy sashayed over to the bar and stood sexily next to Jerk to give him an eyeful of her profile. She sat down on the tabouret next to Wank and cross her right gam over her left to make smallish converse, but Wank couldn't help but view at her from head to toe. Darcy knew she had her boy. They inject her motel apartment where Darcy starts performing a slow de-robe tease; taking off her top to uncover those knockers of hers. She slides of her micro-skirt, then takes off her high high-heeled shoes and eliminates her stocking and threw them aside. She is fully bare now. She lowers herself to her knees and unbuckles his trousers. She took out his man meat and commences to work on it. Briefly she was blowing thirstily at it, working into a sexual madness. For the next few moments, the apartment was quiet except for the tonguing sounds her blowing his prick as she gave him a messy Oral pleasure until she was drawing jizz out of him as lengthy trails of slaver and jizm was running in rivulets out of her facehole, down her chin and onto the floor. Then he falls rearwards onto the couch as Darcy climbs onto him and works on his jizz-shotgun some more until Wank dozes off. Darcy grasps her bag and heads into the shower to tidy up. She reapplies her make up; putting on her lip liner and everything and shortly appears from the douche looking radiant and gorgeous again. Watching Wank lounging on the couch and thinking he was sexually tired, she made her budge. She took his witness and rummages into his wallet for his credit cards and cash and busts them in her handbag. Then she sits at the sole of the sofa and picks up one of her tights while tossing the other one hardly behind her and starts gliding it onto her left gam, leisurely inching it up her hips. Unknown to her, Wank knew what was going on and he picks up the other stockings and loops it around her neck and smothers her until she is dead. "Whore" he says under his breath and throws her figure aside like litter. He retrieves his valuables from her handbag. He turns to gaze at the will-less bod of Darcy lounging sprawled on the couch and determines to farther train her lesson in death. He turns the bod over on her back and commences to slurp her fuckbox and frolicking with her assets. He turns her over and does her rear end fashion then he bangs her missionary fashion and concludes her off. He poses her sprawled on the couch and leaves.

Psycho-Thrillers-The Last Con
Psycho-Thrillers-The Last Con
Psycho-Thrillers-The Last Con

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#1 wrote: Saeed (25 December 2014 12:12)
I am simply amzead at all the facts and the name calling. I would like to point out one thing I think some are missing. This is America not Great Britain or Australia or any other country. We are a country of extremes, our laws show it very day. Until a great tragedy we do nothing. Then all jump on the bandwagon make a law. Ban everything and all will be well. Why is it not obvious that more control never works simply because when you take rights away for safety reason the citizens suffer not the true criminals. All statistics can be skewed in either direction and if you do not think so you are fooling yourself. Please remember every time we give up some of our rights in the name of security history will repeat itself. Not a comprison but an observation Adolf Hitler did the same in the name of security.

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