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SEX,Lies and Murder

SEX,Lies and Murder
That's what happens when you marry a too young girl, she cheats on you with boys of her age, and the rude reality brutally opened her husband's eyes this afternoon...Back earlier from work, the man stays there silent, watching through the half open door her wife giving a blowjob to her boyfriend...He is loosing his mind, goes to the next room and takes his gun out of the drawer then bursts into the bedroom...his anger and madness control him and he shoots...but his move is uncertain and the boy has good reflex...both men fight on the floor, the lover takes advantage, grabs the gun and in a second everything is over...the husband lays down..dead...In panic, crying, the girl is under shock...her lover takes her in his arms, kisses her, trying to calm her down...they starts to have sex again...but only one thing is in his mind...he killed a man...and there is only one witness...meanwhile fucking her, he puts his hands around her neck, and after whispering a last "I am sorry" in her ear, starts to squeeze her neck...He discovers that fucking a girl while strangling her, while she struggles for her life is a big turn on.....Her legs slowly quit kicking ..and she eventually lays still, ... meanwhile he is cumming on her...

His experience with death is just beginning...he wants more... He puts a pillow on her face, to prevent too much noise, then shoot a bullet right on it..

SEX,Lies and Murder SEX,Lies and Murder SEX,Lies and Murder

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