Peachy Keen Films-Teenage Princess Murdered

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Kaylee was heading to a buddies bday being restricted at her daddy’s golf club. She was jealous of her friend--a tiny bit. It would be super-cute to be rich. She had to save for months to get the sundress she was wearing. She expected they would not notice her car, a hand-me-down and scarcely running.
Then it happened. “BANG!”, the engine was dying and she had to hastily pull over. What was she going to do. Her parents were working and there was no way she could afford a tow. She did not even have a box phone. Then, she spotted the van pulling up. She was saved. She flapped at them.
When they witnessed her they knew it was destiny. A few weeks had gone by since they sexually manhandled and murdered the skimpy Stridmore lady. They were just getting eager to do it again and were about to commence cruising the college when, abruptly, they found her. So, the set the plan in movement.
It did not take lengthy. She followed Jake and Betty gladfully greeted her, then pushed the pounding spoiled pussy in with her fashionable sundress and jewelry, into the van, stuffing the door behind her. They proceeded to get her bound and manacled. Then, while Jake drove back home, Betty toyed with her fresh toy--the fresh fucktoy being Kaylee, of course. After a while, she stepped it up a notch--raping her with a mop treat.
Back at the pad, they bound her on a table and embarked the process of torturing and manhandling the skimpy 18yo high college queen. What they did to this gal was unrelenting. Skimpy Kaylee moaned and bellowed the entire time. They never let up. After ripping off her sundress, Jake poked her jaws for a while with Betty helping him out while fingerblasting and eating her. Afterward, Betty put on her belt cock and penetrated Kaylee while Jake continued to gullet plumb her.
After a while, they got bored and took her off the table, roping her to a step chair so they could crack her backside. Betty took a turn, then Jake. Shortly Jake was slamming her cock-squeezing lil' bootie while Betty ****** tiny Kaylee to munch her vagina. Then, they put her on the sofa, retying her rigidly. Betty ravaged her taut booty again, while Jerk rammed a glass faux-cock deep into her cherry taut labia. Afterwards, Jake boinked her vag, while Betty tucked her booty with the fuck stick.
All this went on and one and eventually, Kaylee was an weary, shivering mass of youthful gal. Now, she would die.
Jake used the strap that was her gag and distorted it behind her neck, cutting off her air. She was roped, but fought as hottest she could, but she knew she had no opportunity and you could watch all expect gone in her eyes. Still, it took a while to kill her. She was youthful, healthy. Betty took the time to munch and finger her vagina some more. Then, she found refreshment in using Kaylee’s roped forearms on Jake’s man-meat. Ultimately, Kaylee moved from fighting, to quaking, to brief, sad heaving moments as she gawped off at nothing. Then--she was still. They has murdered this youthful female. The 2nd one this yr and the yr was not over. Her bod was litter now, but they still toyed around with her. Jake made use of the cords, turning her about. They rolled her over, toyed with her bum and fuckbox. Ultimately, they reamed her out on the couch and left to go find food. They would have more joy with her afterwards before they dumped her in Lake Crown.
Peachy Keen Films-Teenage Princess Murdered
Peachy Keen Films-Teenage Princess Murdered
Peachy Keen Films-Teenage Princess Murdered

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