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Peachy Keen Films - Webcam Massacre

Peachy Keen Films - Webcam Massacre
In part 1, the first 20 minutes are the girls arriving, establishing characters, meeting the boss, the coffee girl, girl, then webcam show sequences.

When the killer arrives, he takes out Reyja first, then Janice, Anna, and Kirsten. Just as he is about to shoot Heidi, the new girl peeks in the room, then silently runs out and hides.

That is where part one ends. There are no deaths, the girls shot are wounded at this stage.

IN PART 2... ...the killer continues his rampage. He shoots Heidi and Cloe, both pee. The coffee girl comes in, Elise and he shoots her. He finds Brandy and wounds her first, then kills her, giving her a dead BJ and coming on her face and breast. He goes back into the main office and starts to finish off the girls. First he kills Reyja, enjoying her body a bit and re-posing her before moving on to Janice. He does the same, then kills her and fucks her mouth. He moves onto Anna, and does more same, finishing her like the others by shooting her 5 times in the chest through the same entry point but at different angles. He fucks her mouth, and cums on her. He goes to Heidi and does it to her to, this time opting for a hand job while finishing her off.

IN PART 3... The killer plays with Kirsten for a bit, then finished her off with multiple rounds into one entry wound as with the others. He moves on to Chloe and does her the same. He makes sure all the privates are exposed on the girls one he finishes them. Next is Elise. Once finished, he leaves the room, now filled with 7 dead bodies.

Micah enters and tries to help, but they are all dead. When she tries to leave, he is standing there. She runs, but he catches her and shoots her. He lays her up on the table and shoots her again, then fondles her. Bright yellow urine flows out of the scared suffering girl, covering the table and splattering on the floor. He rubs his cock on the lace of her bra, uses her hand for a bit, then finished her off. Once dead, he fucks her mouth and cums all over her face and breast.

When the pizza girl enter, she rips over Elise's body. Dazed, she quickly runs as he playfully shoots at her. Once in the basement where Micah lay dead, she turns around and takes to shots--she falls to the ground in pain. She pleas for help, but he shoots her again. After playing with her for a bit, he finished her off. Now in a chair with dead Micah in the background, he fucks her mouth and cums on her face tits.

He work here is done, so he exits through the dead bodies lying about the room.

Peachy Keen Films - Webcam Massacre Peachy Keen Films - Webcam Massacre Peachy Keen Films - Webcam Massacre

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Webcam Massacre

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#2 wrote: jhlipton (14 September 2016 23:37)
I had Part 2 and really wanted Part 1 (Part 3 isn't as good in my opinion. Thanks for posting.

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