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Peachy Keen Films-Spring Break-2

Peachy Keen Films-Spring Break-2
Starring Jizzabelle

After being brutally raped for hours, they carry the girl upstairs and toss her on the bed. Using a spreader bar, they secure her in various positions while both men assault her vaginally, anally and orally. They take turns and switch positions during the assault.

Finally, when they have had enough, as one man fucks her, the other wraps a garrote around her neck, mercilessly strangling her until she is just a receptacle for there cocks. Now dead, they switch again, this time he fucks her dead body until blowing his load all over her belly and pussy.

Hours later, she is cold and very dead, back downstairs spread out on the couch. One of the guys decides to fuck her until he cums inside.

Both men satisfied, they leave her to be disposed of.

Peachy Keen Films-Spring Break-2
Peachy Keen Films-Spring Break-2
Peachy Keen Films-Spring Break-2
Peachy Keen Films-Spring Break-2

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