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Peachy Keen Films -A Spy, pantyhose and 3 Bullets

Peachy Keen Films -A Spy, pantyhose and 3 Bullets
Starring Janice

She knew her job and she would do it well. Distract the mark. Get into the case. Copy the documents. Get out.

She entered the hotel with the man that has a briefcase cuffed to his wrist. She went right to work....having met him earlier in the tavern across the street, she played herself up as a high class whore ready to gobble him up. And that is what she did, pulling his cock out and slurping it up like long piece of sweet candy/. He was in heaven. But things got even more interesting when she let him play with her pantyhose. The guy was a freak for the fabric. he rubbed his cock all over her, and she even gave him a foot job.

He was ready to fuck and she was ready to get to work. So, she sent him out to get a condom and when he was gone, went right to the case, which, earlier, she convinced him to take off. God she was good.

But, sometimes the best of them, run out of luck. Today was hers to die. She got distracted by the work and did not notice he had doubled back. He was already on to her, just playing along to get the jump.

She tried to plead and sex her way out of it and she knew he wanted her. But, she was not counting on the fact, that he did not care if she was alive or dead.

Two shots in the chest and she was down. She made one last attempt to get him to spare her---but times are tough in the spy business and competition is discouraged. The final shot killed her.

Now he could have a good time with her. He checked her out, obsessing over her pantyhose. He rubbed it, posed her with it, then tore into it, ripping and tearing, exposing part of her bare skin. His cock was hard and he rubbed it on her hose.

Then, he tore open some more, exposing her pussy and licking it. He then fucked her--deep and good in a couple positions until he came inside. He pulled out and his cum drooled out of her warm dead pussy. He repositioned her, then stuffed the pantyhose in her mouth.

Finally, he lifted her up on the couch and posed her. He gathered up his stuff and left.

Peachy Keen Films -A Spy, pantyhose and 3 Bullets
Peachy Keen Films -A Spy, pantyhose and 3 Bullets
Peachy Keen Films -A Spy, pantyhose and 3 Bullets
Peachy Keen Films -A Spy, pantyhose and 3 Bullets

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Hi Jessica,I'm wetlook fan and doing ptagohrophy/filming about it.If you are still looking for camera man or professional photographer, write me back.Photography is my hubby, so its all free

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